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Meet Our Team

Vito manages day to day aspects of the company. He firmly believes that good, clear customer relations is the key to a technology company's success. Vito oversees every project, big or small, and maintains the customer point person. With over 28 years experience following this advise he must be on to something. Vito is well known in the industry as he has worked on thousands of projects during his career.

In late 2005 we hired an Art Director, Jon, to help service the growing demand for graphical designs. Jon has a degree from BriarCliffe College in Graphic Designs. He has an eye for detail and has always impressed our clients with his forward thinking and cutting edge designs. Jon complements the tech side of our business very well.

Mitch recently joined us, he has vast experience in marketing and SEO. He also knows how to bridge the gap between requirements and functionality. He's well versed in ColdFusion, PHP, ASP and .NET programming (and several others). Mitch likes having technology "jam" sessions on a regular basis. Mitch and Vito always like to discuss pros and cons of any choosen solutions for the optimal outcome.

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