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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 07/25/2021 @ 7:11 PM

How leading Google One is like solving a puzzle (Blogspot)
When office life became video call life in 2020, people around the world experienced the drain of remote meetings. Larissa Fontaine might be the one exception. “Video calls can be hard because you’re....

Cultural Pit-Stops: making hours of boring travel time fly by (Blogspot)
Ever noticed how summer holidays never seem to come quickly enough? We plan our journey ahead with chills of excitement, eagerly choosing which swimsuits will make it into our suitcase or dreaming of....

Learn more – and get more – from Search (Blogspot)
When you search for information on Google, you’re probably accustomed to seeing a lot of relevant results in a fraction of a second. But maybe you’ve found yourself wondering how Google connected those....

Get expert tips and strategies with Creator Insights (Blogspot)
We know that being a creator isn’t always easy. You have a unique vision and goals but with so many platforms, revenue opportunities and traffic and content strategies, the journey can be uncertain. That’s....

Ask a Techspert: What is open source? (Blogspot)
When I started working at Google, a colleague mentioned that the group projects I worked on in college sounded a lot like some of the open source projects we do here at Google. I thought there had to....

Plan for business growth with Display & Video 360 (Blogspot)
At Google Marketing Livestream this spring, we talked about how Google Marketing Platform can help you drive performance while protecting privacy. That’s when we raised the curtain on some Display &....

Get ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with Google and YouTube (Blogspot)
In a few hours, the best athletes from around the world will come together in Tokyo to compete on the world's largest stage. While everyone on the ground prepares for the matches and meets, we’re getting....

Why Shakira says there’s no limit to what girls can do (Blogspot)
When you hear Shakira’s name (or when her catchy lyrics inevitably get stuck in your head), you may think of her as an international pop sensation, Latin American icon or stunning performer. But there’s....

Google News Showcase is launching in Austria (Blogspot)
Google News Showcase, our new product and licensing program for news publishers, will begin rolling out in Austria today, building on our ongoing commitment to support journalism. Backed by our recent....

New ways to find deals and shop on Google (Blogspot)
When it comes to shopping, people are increasingly looking for ways to save money. In fact, we’ve seen that searches for “discount code” have increased 50% since last year. With the back-to-school season....

8 tips to navigate and explore safely with Google Maps (Blogspot)
With the state of the pandemic varying around the world, keeping up with local restrictions, navigating day-to-day life and easing back into activities we enjoy can feel confusing and unfamiliar. To help....

Navigate new normals with Google Maps (Blogspot)
With the state of the pandemic varying across the globe, the new normal looks different depending on where you go. But no matter your situation, Google Maps has your back with new tools to help you navigate....

Privacy and performance, working together in Chrome (Blogspot)
For most people, internet browsers like Chrome act as a window to the web, where you can read the latest news, find the perfect gift or finally cross that task off your to-do list. And when you browse....

Cloud Covered: What was new in June on Google Cloud (Blogspot)
June was full of news about new products, technologies and information from Google Cloud to help people connect, build and explore. Here’s a recap of June’s most popular posts on the Google Cloud blog. New....

Give it up for the woman who helps Googlers give back (Blogspot)
Over the past month, Googlers around the world have virtually volunteered in their communities — from mentoring students to reviewing resumes for job seekers. It’s all a part of GoogleServe, our month-long....

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Technology News    last updated 07/25/2021 @ 7:11 PM

Tech tip: How to find anyone’s email address online (Fox News)
Keeping up with your inbox feels never-ending some days. Between work, your personal life, and all that spam, you might have hundreds of emails to sift through.

Hackers, scammers and advertisers are after you: 5 smartphone security steps to take now (Fox News)
Go anywhere online, and it feels like someone is watching. That's because, well, they are.

Tokyo Olympics could be threatened by cyberattack, FBI warns (Fox News)
The Olympics are ripe for cyberattacks by nation-state actors, the FBI said in a notification to cybersecurity professionals, adding that these actors could hack or ransom sensitive stolen data.

Can cellphones cause cancer? 5 steps to minimize the risk (Fox News)
New research from UC Berkeley suggests there is a link between cellphone use and an increased risk for tumors.

This great freebie from Google stops annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number (Fox News)
The more widespread your number is, the more vulnerable you are to hackers and other bad actors. A secondary phone number protects your primary one, but it can do a lot more, too.

5-minute tech fix: Finally speed up your PC (Fox News)
When your computer slows to a crawl, it's frustrating, and you want to fix it as fast as possible. Occasionally, your internet is actually to blame. Tap or click for the best ways to fix a pokey Wi-Fi....

Clever tech hack: How to text from your PC or Mac (Fox News)
If you’re working on your computer or don’t want to use your thumbs to message, send messages straight from your PC or Mac. It’s simple to set up.

Hate robocalls? Battle against scam calls intensifies (Fox News)
The Federal Communications Commission now requires that carriers implement stricter measures to combat these annoying calls.

Why it's time to rethink cutting the cord -- and 3 smart ways to save (Fox News)
Years ago, cutting the cord meant ditching your expensive cable plan for internet-based options that cost a fraction of the price. Now? You might be paying just as much, or even more.

No cell signal? Best ways to boost signal strength when your calls won’t go through (Fox News)
Today’s tech means we’re always connected — when our connections actually work the way they should.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 07/25/2021 @ 7:11 PM

Arkansas' governor defends decision to approve a statewide ban on mask mandates (CNN)
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Sunday defended his decision to approve a statewide ban on face mask mandates earlier this year, citing a low coronavirus case rate at the time -- a rate that is now rapidly....

Colorado 10-year-old dies as health officials investigate plague activity (CNN)
The death of a 10-year-old in Colorado has been linked to plague as state health officials warn they are investigating reports of the bacterial infection in animals and fleas. ....

At least 125,000 customers in Michigan left without power after suspected tornadoes and severe storms (CNN)
At least 125,000 customers in Michigan are without power after a series of severe storms and possible tornadoes tore through the state Saturday night.

High schoolers built a device that allows people in wheelchairs to walk their babies (CNN)
For many parents, taking their babies on a walk or cradling them to sleep is a blessing that's easy to take for granted. But for Jeremy King, it's something he feared he would never be able to do. ....

Biden back on the campaign trail: 'I whipped Donald Trump in Virginia and so will Terry' (CNN)
President Joe Biden made a forceful return to the campaign trail on Friday night in Virginia, stumping for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe by linking the Democrat's opponent to the man Biden had....

Analysis: Trump supporters are a big reason why Canada and the UK are beating the US on vaccinations (CNN)
Poll of the week: A new Angus Reid poll from Canada finds that 86% of Canadians 18 and older have gotten or want a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as possible. The same poll shows that just 8% of Canadian adults....

FBI got 4,500 tips on Kavanaugh, provided 'relevant' ones to Trump White House (CNN)
• Analysis: This proves it's impossible to have an apolitical Supreme Court

Biden administration terminates 2 border-wall contracts in Texas (CNN)
US Customs and Border Protection is terminating two border wall contracts in the Laredo sector that cover approximately 31 miles, the Department of Homeland Security announced Friday. ....

The hard seltzer craze has come to an end (CNN)
The once unstoppable growth of hard seltzer has gone flat.

Pre-market movers (CNN)

Why your cereal boxes and ice cream cartons are shrinking (CNN)
Less cereal in the box. Smaller snack sizes. Ice cream gone missing in a container.

Special Olympic athletes work to break personal best during Summer Games (CNN)

Hero officers, bystanders save mom, baby (CNN)

Driver arrested in crash that killed mom, daughter (CNN)

Baseball camp teaches players to dream big (CNN)

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