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Google News    last updated 04/03/2020 @ 11:08 PM

Helping public health officials combat COVID-19 (Blogspot)
As global communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing emphasis on public health strategies, like social distancing measures, to slow the rate of transmission. In Google....

Chromebook accessibility tools for distance learning (Blogspot)
Around the world, 1.5 billion students are now adjusting to learning from home. For students with disabilities, this adjustment is even more difficult without hands-on classroom instruction and support....

The teen fact-checkers fighting misinformation (Blogspot)
Editors note: It’s International Fact-Checking Day today and teenager Lyndsay Valadez from Indianapolis, Indiana tells us why fact-checking matters. She’s a member of the Teen Fact-Checking Network at....

COVID-19: $6.5 million to help fight coronavirus misinformation (Blogspot)
Health authorities have warned that an overabundance of information can make it harder for people to obtain reliable guidance about the coronavirus pandemic.Helping the world make sense of this information....

Transform your photo in the style of an iconic artist (Blogspot)
From the bold, swirling movement in Vincent van Gogh's paintings, to the surreal, confident brushstrokes of Frida Kahlo, many famous artists have instantly recognizable styles. Now you can use these styles....

Improve Android deployments with new employee adoption kit (Blogspot)
Bringing Android Enterprise to your organization opens up new possibilities for your business, and a well-structured communication plan can help employees understand all the capabilities.We’ve created....

Stadia Savepoint: March updates (Blogspot)
Were back with another update in our Stadia Savepoint series, providing a summary of recent news on Stadia.This month we added seven new games to the Stadia store including DOOM Eternal and Lost Words:....

COVID-19: $800+ million to support small businesses and crisis response (Blogspot)
As the coronavirus outbreak continues to worsen around the world, it’s taking a devastating toll on lives and communities. To help address some of these challenges, today we’re announcing a new $800+....

Keeping our network infrastructure strong amid COVID-19 (Blogspot)
Googles network supports products that people around the world rely on every day, like YouTube, Search, Maps and Gmail. It also connects Google Cloud customers to their employees and users. As the coronavirus....

Identifying vulnerabilities and protecting you from phishing (Blogspot)
Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) works to counter targeted and government-backed hacking against Google and the people who use our products. Following our November update, today we’re sharing the....

Learn from our mobility experts at Android OnAir (Blogspot)
To support Android Enterprise customers with their mobility initiatives, we’ve created a series of webinars at Android OnAir that offer best practices in deploying and managing devices. Each webinar tackles....

Discover podcasts you’ll love with Google Podcasts, now on iOS (Blogspot)
It took me a decade to find the podcasts I love most. When I lived in Chicago, I started downloading podcasts for traffic-filled drives to soccer practice. One that stood out during the ninety-minute....

Five things you (maybe) didn't know about AI (Blogspot)
While there’s plenty of information out there on artificial intelligence, it’s not always easy to distinguish fact from fiction or find explanations that are easy to understand. That’s why we’ve teamed....

Porsche Taylor puts women in the driver's seat (Blogspot)
Porsche Taylor’s first time riding a motorcycle alone could have gone better. “That first ride, I had absolutely nothing on right: My helmet was too big, I didn’t own a jacket. I might have had on some....

Stay updated on travel advisories and airline policies (Blogspot)
As the spread of COVID-19 continues, we’re seeing more searches for travel-related information—like travel advisories and trip cancellation policies—so we’re making some changes this week to help you....

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Software News    last updated 04/03/2020 @ 11:08 PM

Amid coronavirus crisis, experts detect ‘dramatic’ hacks on the WHO and ‘negligent’ security precautions (Fox News)
Since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe this year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has become the target of an array of cybersecurity attacks – but recent efforts to hack into the system....

Google data reveals massive plunge in movement, the communities obeying coronavirus orders (Fox News)
Google location data released Friday presents a stark picture of how the coronavirus pandemic has upended the lives of more than 3.9 billion people -- half the world's population -- who are under some....

Top tips on how to make working from home safe (Fox News)
With more Americans working from home, it’s critical to make your home office secure.

Amazon lawyer, at Jeff Bezos-attended meeting, portrays fired worker as ‘not smart or articulate’ (Fox News)
An Amazon exec tried to denigrate a former employee at its Staten Island fulfillment center after the worker was fired, according to a report.

How to protect yourself against coronavirus online scams (Fox News)
Criminals are hard at work taking advantage of the population's mounting fears stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, warned computer security expert Alexander García-Tobar. 

Prototype nasal swabs for coronavirus testing evaluated by US Army and Harvard (Fox News)
US Army scientists and engineers have been working with Harvard University to design, prototype and evaluate new nasal swabs needed to test for COVID 19 -- as a way to address the current crisis with....

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donates $100M to food banks as unemployment soars during coronavirus outbreak (Fox News)
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Thursday that he plans to donate $100 million to food banks across America, which is currently facing a severe and steep economic downturn because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Google to lift ban on coronavirus-related advertising (Fox News)
Google will begin to lift its ban on coronavirus-related advertising this week in the wake of criticism from some Democrats that the company was helping the Trump administration spread false information....

SpaceX bans its employees using Zoom over privacy concerns, report says (Fox News)
Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX has reportedly banned the use of Zoom video conferencing technology amid security and privacy concerns.

Best home office tech amid coronavirus stay-at-home orders (Fox News)
Now that most states have issued stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are scrambling to find the right office products.

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Latest News & Headlines    last updated 04/03/2020 @ 11:08 PM

Birx warns of coming coronavirus hot spots across the U.S. (Yahoo News)
Louisiana is poised to become the next epicenter of the coronavirus crisis, White House officials said Thursday, citing new data that shows that 26 percent of the tests for COVID-19 in that state in recent....

Two years before coronavirus, CDC warned of a coming pandemic (Yahoo News)
Long before the coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China, and then soon spread to nearly every country on Earth, a conference in 2018 offered proof that epidemiologists at the CDC and other institutions were....

A California ER nurse told her family that if she gets COVID-19 she doesn't want a ventilator and to give it to someone else who needs it more (INSIDER)
quot;If I were to get really sick, my sisters know I don't want to take a ventilator from someone else who may need it," Paige said.

Medical stockpile seized from alleged hoarder to be distributed (Yahoo News Video)
US officials have seized a stockpile of personal protective equipment from an alleged hoarder.

27 Best Home Office Decor Ideas to Keep You in the Zone (Architectural Digest)

U.S. Navy relieves aircraft carrier commander who wrote letter urging coronavirus action (Reuters)
The US Navy relieved the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt's captain of his command on Thursday, punishing him for the leak of a scathing letter he sent to superiors that sought stronger measures....

How coronavirus has halted Central American migration to the US (The Guardian)
Border closures and strict lockdowns have led to a steep decline in the number of migrants coming from Central AmericaWhen Angelica turned 30, she realized there was no future for her in Honduras.Although....

Stacey Abrams trends after Georgia governor said he didn't know about asymptomatic spread (NBC News)
“This is a criminal level of negligence,” said a Twitter user over Republican Gov. Brian Kemp’s comments.

China declared whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang a 'martyr' following a local campaign to silence him for speaking out about the coronavirus (Business Insider)
Li Wenliang sounded the alarm about the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan on December 30. He died of the virus on February 7.

Coronavirus poses special risk to millions of Americans with diabetes (Yahoo News)
As the worsening coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the country, millions of Americans living with diabetes face heightened risks from COVID-19.

'This is just so anti-consumer': Southwest early-boarding fee policy reversed after coronavirus backlash (USA TODAY)
Southwest Airlines wasn't offering refunds or credit for some EarlyBird fees, but the airline announced a temporary change Thursday.

New Yorkers Are Right to Be Skeptical of Evangelical-Run Coronavirus Ward in Central Park (The Daily Beast)
If New York City wasn’t under a strict stay-at-home order right now, protesters might be marching along Central Park. That’s where an evangelical Christian organization called Samaritan’s Purse is preparing....

France Has Deadliest Virus Day as Infection Rate Slows in Spain (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg) -- France reported its deadliest day from the coronavirus amid tentative signs that the pandemic may be easing in Spain and Italy.The health ministry in Paris reported 588 hospital deaths,....

Putin says Russia ready to cooperate on cutting oil production (AFP)
Russia is ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia and the United States to cut oil production, President Vladimir Putin said Friday. Putin said Russia was willing to make agreements within the framework....

Exclusive: How elite U.S. college students brought COVID-19 home from campus (Reuters)
The message was lost on many students. Before leaving campus and returning to their homes and families throughout the United States and abroad, more than 100 Vanderbilt students attended parties, ignoring....

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