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Google News    last updated 02/25/2021 @ 5:18 PM

Using AI to explore the future of news audio (Blogspot)
Radio reaches more Americans every week than any other platform. Public radio stations in the United States have over 3,000 local journalists and each day they create audio news reports about the communities....

Using artificial intelligence in breast cancer screening (Blogspot)
Every year, approximately 40 million women undergo breast-cancer screening in the U.S. using a procedure called mammography. For some, this can be a nerve-wracking experience; many wait days or weeks....

Three easy ways to support Black-owned businesses (Blogspot)

Marcus Davis, owner of The Breakfast Klub.As a Black businessman and owner of The Breakfast Klub for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of things and overcome....

Let’s finalize an international tax deal (Blogspot)
For several years, governments around the world have been meeting at the OECD to reform the international corporate tax system. Not surprisingly, success hasn’t come quickly. This isn’t an easy task –....

From managing Google Poland to leading Google for Startups (Blogspot)
Welcome to the latest edition of “My Path to Google,” where we talk to Googlers, interns and alumni about how they got to Google, what their roles are like and even some tips on how to prepare for interviews.Today’s....

VaxCare simplifies vaccine management with Android Enterprise (Blogspot)
Editor’s note: Today’s post is by Evan Landis, Chief Product Officer with VaxCare. The company aims to simplify vaccination for healthcare providers. VaxCare partnered with Social Mobile to create custom....

South Africa is an explorer’s paradise (Blogspot)
Nelson Mandela once described South Africa as the most beautiful place on earth, with its breathtaking scenery, wildlife safaris, active adventures, vibrant culture and friendly people. I’m thrilled to....

Our efforts to fight child sexual abuse online (Blogspot)
Across Google and YouTube, we are always working to protect our users from harmful content, especially the kind of horrific, illegal content referred to as child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Since our....

3 things we learned from the second season of ‘Founded’ (Blogspot)
Last year, Google’s  Women Techmakers launched “Founded,” a podcast celebrating the real, honest stories of women leaders in the tech industry and their journeys to entrepreneurship. Now, we’re back with....

How anonymized data helps fight against disease (Blogspot)
Data has always been a vital tool in understanding and fighting disease — from Florence Nightingale’s 1800s hand drawn illustrations that showed how poor sanitation contributed to preventable diseases....

GameSnacks brings HTML5 games to Google products (Blogspot)
Last February we announced GameSnacks, a HTML5 gaming platform from Area 120, Google’s workshop for experimental products. We launched GameSnacks to test whether lightweight, casual games would resonate....

Your Android is now even safer — and 5 other new features (Blogspot)
It wasnt all that long ago that we introduced Android users to features like Emoji Kitchen and auto-narrated audiobooks. But we like to stay busy, so today we're highlighting six of the latest Google....

How one trailblazer uses Maps to explore the outdoors (Blogspot)
Lydia Kluge is an active member of the Google Maps Local Guides community, the everyday people passionate about sharing their experiences on Maps. In 2020, she added more than 1,100 contributions on Google....

Our all-new TalkBack screen reader (Blogspot)
To blind traveling bluesman Joshua Pearson, songwriting is more than just a good melody. “Songwriting gave me a language to talk about my frustrations. And by putting my music out there, I could hopefully....

Our Care Studio pilot is expanding to more clinicians (Blogspot)
Healthcare professionals are healers, not data clerks. Yet many clinicians spend half their day on a computer navigating electronic health records (EHRs) and other systems. Because health records are....

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Technology News    last updated 02/25/2021 @ 5:18 PM

Facebook apologizes for 'mistake' in threatening to ban 81-year-old woolen pig knitter for hate speech (Fox News)
Facebook has apologized after threatening to permanently ban an 81-year-old knitter who makes woolen pig dolls for hate speech violations involving the word "pigs." 

AT&T accused of lobbying against sanctions on Chinese state-owned telecom company (Fox News)
ATT pressured the Commerce Department to keep a Chinese military-controlled telecom company off the United States' sanction list despite its use of forced labor and other human rights abuses against....

Security Alert: Make sure unauthorized devices are not on your network (Fox News)
How many devices are connected to your home’s wireless network? It's easy to lose track.

Romance scams raked in hundreds of millions in 2020 (Fox News)
For the last three years more money has been lost to romance scams than any other fraud, reaching a record $304 million in 2020.

Ranked: Best browsers for privacy (Fox News)
A browser is your gateway to the web and the cybercriminals looking to take advantage of you.

US government an ‘easy target’ for scammers amid coronavirus pandemic: Security consultant (Fox News)
The “Scam Me if You Can” author, whose autobiography inspired the Hollywood film “Catch Me if You Can," predicted pandemic relief fraud would increase since Congress passed the CARES Act in Spring of....

Ron DeSantis pushes bill aimed to take power away from Big Tech (Fox News)
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday said he will support legislation to shift the balance of power back to consumers in the state and away from Big Tech.

5 ways to a strong password and better personal cybersecurity (Fox News)
A compilation of more than 3.2 billion unique pairs of emails and passwords was recently leaked on a popular hacking forum according to a report last month from Cybernews.

Quick tech fix: Stop annoying notifications for good (Fox News)
Remember the days before our gadgets were buzzing and beeping at us all day long? Yeah, me neither. Maybe your issue is email.

Privacy tip: How to delete cookies from your phone (Fox News)
Make no mistake: You’re being tracked.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 02/25/2021 @ 5:18 PM

Ex-USA Gymnastics coach John Geddert charged with sex crimes and human trafficking (CNN)
John Geddert, who coached the 2012 US Olympic women's gymnastics team, has been charged with a racketeering count, felony counts of human trafficking, criminal sexual conduct and lying to a peace officer,....

Tanden nomination to lead Office of Management and Budget remains in limbo (CNN)
President Joe Biden's nomination of Neera Tanden to lead the Office of Management and Budget may remain in limbo until at least early next week.

Lawyers make progress in locating parents of children split from families at the border, latest court filing says (CNN)
Lawyers are still trying to locate the parents of 506 children who had been split from their families at the US-Mexico border by the Trump administration, according to a new court filing -- down from....

An artist honors icons by creating Black History Month-themed playing cards (CNN)
Kearra Johnson was in her senior year at the University of Missouri when she came up with the concept for what is now known as the Revolution Card Deck -- a deck of playing cards featuring the names and....

Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy considers Senate bid against GOP's Marco Rubio (CNN)
Florida Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy is seriously considering a run against Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in 2022, launching a listening tour on issues including the pandemic, "managing misinformation,"....

Biden to nominate 3 to USPS Board of Governors (CNN)
President Joe Biden on Wednesday announced three nominees to fill most of the vacancies on the US Postal Service Board of Governors, fulfilling a promise that the administration would make the board and....

Blinken says he aims to create a more diverse State Department (CNN)
Secretary of State Antony Blinken will launch a diversity initiative to make the US' oldest Cabinet agency look more like America itself, an effort he is framing as a national security imperative to make....

DC mayor's sister dies from Covid-19 (CNN)
Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser's sister died Wednesday at age 64 from "complications related to Covid-19," the mayor said in a statement.

Best Buy just laid off 5,000 workers and will close more stores (CNN)
Best Buy said Thursday that it laid off 5,000 workers this month and is planning to close more stores this year as more consumers buy electronics online.

What happened when one company switched to a four-day workweek (CNN)
Permanent three-day weekends may seem like a dream, but they're a reality for workers at Elephant Ventures.

Mortgage rates are climbing. Don't panic (CNN)
This year may have kicked off with the lowest mortgage interest rates in history, but the record lows aren't going to last. Rates are now starting to climb and are expected to continue heading higher....

2 men killed in accident at construction site in Boston (CNN)

Desean Brown 'deserves the death penalty' (CNN)

2 sledding incidents leave teens w/severe injuries (CNN)

10+ PlayStations, handgun among missing items (CNN)

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