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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 05/12/2021 @ 5:19 AM

Cloud Covered: What was new in April on Google Cloud (Blogspot)
As many countries got a glimpse of post-COVID changes for life and work on the horizon, Google Cloud introduced new trainings, features, and products to help you make the most of what the future holds.....

How to connect with your web audience (Blogspot)
If you’re truly passionate about the content you’re creating, chances are there’s an online community that shares your interests and enthusiasm. So how do you develop a loyal following eager to check....

Register for Google Marketing Livestream (Blogspot)
Did you know searches for corsages and boutonnières are one of the top trending categories this month in the U.S.? Meanwhile in Italy, one of the top growing categories of searches this month is charms....

Send money to loved ones abroad with Google Pay (Blogspot)
Every year, people around the world send nearly $700 billion to friends and relatives in their home countries, which pay for essential expenditures like healthcare, education, bills and more. According....

Raise the visibility of your Web Stories (Blogspot)
Publishers and creators of all sizes are adopting Web Stories to create compelling narrative experiences for readers. As more people and publishers use the format, the Web Creator community will continue....

Our 54 Doodle for Google winners show their strength (Blogspot)
In January, we kicked off the 13th annual Doodle for Google contest by inviting K-12 students across the country to submit their artistic interpretations of this year’s contest theme “I am strong because…”. The....

No mountain? No problem: This Googler DIYed a rock wall (Blogspot)
As a communications manager, Milan-based Googler Andrea Cristallini knows the importance of connecting with others through shared experiences. So when his partner Silvia suggested they start a sport together,....

Helping protect people from financial fraud in the U.K. (Blogspot)
Over the last few years, people in the U.K. have been targeted by increasingly sophisticated scammers on and offline. According to UK Finance, in 2020, total fraud loss was £1.26 billion. Criminal gangs....

Plan a perfect weekend with new Google Assistant features (Blogspot)
Moms everywhere can likely agree that this year (and then some) has had us working overtime. As a mom of two who's working at home, I know that's how I've felt. Maybe that's why I'm extra excited for....

When it comes to mental health, what are we searching for? (Blogspot)
You know that exhaustion you’re feeling — the one that no amount of espresso shots or power naps can remedy? Well, it turns out you’re not alone. Last month in the U.S. we saw spikes in fatigue-related....

News Brief: April Updates from the Google News Initiative (Blogspot)
Last month, we heard from industry experts who are thinking through new ways to support and engage with hyperlocal news. We’re learning how we can help ensure newsrooms are more reflective of the communities....

Three steps for turning a video into a Web Story (Blogspot)
If you run a website, YouTube channel or blog, chances are you’ve produced a video for it. And you can easily reuse that content by converting it into a Web Story, which offers a few key advantages. As....

A simpler and safer future — without passwords (Blogspot)
You may not realize it, but passwords are the single biggest threat to your online security – they’re easy to steal, they’re hard to remember, and managing them is tedious. Many people believe that a....

A hybrid approach to work (Blogspot)
Sundar sent the following email to Google employees earlier today. Hi Googlers,We’ve spent the last year focused on supporting employees during the pandemic. I hope the extra benefits such as Carer’s....

Woolaroo: a new tool for exploring indigenous languages (Blogspot)
“Our dictionary doesn’t have a word for shoe” my Uncle Allan Lena said, so when kids ask him what to call it in Yugambeh, he’ll say “jinung gulli” - a foot thing.Uncle Allan Lena is a frontline worker....

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Technology News    last updated 05/12/2021 @ 5:19 AM

Chinese TV maker spies on consumers: reports (Fox News)
Skyworth also sells TV models in the U.S. market and was a major presence at CES 2020.

Use Amazon? Make these 5 changes now to protect your privacy (Fox News)
For Big Tech companies, collecting your data is a vital part of their profits. You can take your privacy back as long as you know the proper settings to change.

Tech tip: Speed up your Windows or Mac's startup the easy way (Fox News)
Remember back when you bought your computer? It was blazing fast, started up as soon as you hit the power button, and everything was clean and tidy.

CBP's Big Bend Sector harnesses tech to fight illegal border activity (Fox News)
The Big Bend sector is seeing a sudden uptick in illegal border activity. They only have around 600 agents to cover the entire area, so to help combat the issue they're using new technologies to give....

Army’s new night vision goggles compared to something ‘stolen from aliens’ (Fox News)
The US Army’s Lancer Brigade took to Twitter last month to post a brief video of its new “enhanced night vision goggle-binoculars” that looks like something out of a sci-fi thriller.

Dead celebrities have large followings on Twitter, Instagram – and even endorse products, politics (Fox News)
Dead celebrities aren’t dead on social media and often command large followings – but things can get complicated when the dead are represented by the living.

5 ways to keep your online searches private (Fox News)
Google processes over 40,000 searches every single second, according to InternetLiveStats.com.

The best way to clean all the dirt and grime off your tech (Fox News)
Maybe you’ve set aside your stash of pandemic disinfectant wipes, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your tech.

Roku accuses Google of anti-competitive tactics in YouTube TV negotiations (Fox News)
Roku has cried foul in negotiations with Google over YouTube TV, accusing the tech giant of anti-competition practices, according to reports.

Act on robocalls – or else, FCC warns phone companies (Fox News)
By September 28, phone companies must refuse to accept traffic that is not listed in the Robocall Mitigation Database – which verifies the call is coming from the caller’s actual phone number.

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Latest Headlines    last updated 05/12/2021 @ 5:19 AM

Police body camera shows Andrew Brown Jr. shooting was unjustified, attorneys say (CNN)
After viewing body and dash camera footage of Andrew Brown Jr.'s death, attorneys and family members of Brown said Tuesday that it proves police were unjustified in shooting him. ....

Two deputies killed when gunfire broke out after dog complaint (CNN)
Two Concho County sheriff's deputies were killed and an Eden city employee critically injured after an altercation with a suspect over a dog complaint "quickly escalated to gunfire," the Texas Department....

3 Fort Campbell soldiers accused of buying and transporting illegal guns to Chicago (CNN)
Three Fort Campbell soldiers were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly purchasing and transporting nearly 100 firearms, including five that were linked to a mass shooting in Chicago, the Justice Department....

Man charged in hate crime assault on Asian woman in NYC pleads not guilty, held on $1 million bond (CNN)
A man charged in a hate crime assault on an Asian woman in New York City in March pleaded not guilty and is being held on a $1 million bond, according to the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.  ....

Arizona governor signs bill that would stop some voters from automatically receiving mail-in ballots (CNN)
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed into law a controversial bill that could remove tens of thousands of voters from the state's early mail-in voting list, shortly after the GOP-controlled state....

Justice Department intervenes to help resolve key sticking point in talks over policing bill to ease path for Hill deal (CNN)
A bipartisan group of negotiators is stymied over a key issue in talks on overhauling policing practices nationwide: The standard for charging police officers with crimes. ....

GOP takes aim at Senate voting rights bill (CNN)
Members of a deeply divided Senate committee clashed repeatedly Tuesday over a sweeping elections and campaign finance overhaul sought by Democrats to blunt Republican efforts at the state level to restrict....

Federal investigators press for cooperation from two key witnesses in Gaetz probe (CNN)
Federal investigators scrutinizing Rep. Matt Gaetz are seeking the cooperation of a former Capitol Hill intern who was once a girlfriend of the Florida Republican, sources familiar with the matter tell....

Bed Bath & Beyond has a plan to stop losing bargain hunters (CNN)
Bed Bath & Beyond has decided it's too expensive for some shoppers. It's trying to change that.

America's electric cars need lithium so badly it may wipe out this species (CNN)
Fewer than 40 years after humans discovered Tiehm's buckwheat, a Nevada plant with yellow flowers, they may drive it to extinction in pursuit of electric vehicles, a technology widely hailed as being....

Jeff Bezos' superyacht has its own yacht (CNN)
Today in ultra-billionaire news, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased a modest 100-foot schooner as he looks forward to a quieter life and hours of reflection on the open seas ... LOL, just kidding. ....

Ice cream truck hit by tree that was hit by car (CNN)

Innocent man spends 2 years behind bars (CNN)

Woman accused of impersonating student (CNN)

Toddler struck in face with suitcase (CNN)

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