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Below you'll find technology related news in one convenient place that we've gathered from throughout the Internet. We hope you find the information below useful and interesting. If there's something else you'd like to see here, tell us in our contact page.

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Google News    last updated 01/20/2020 @ 4:36 PM

Supporting AI skills training in Molenbeek, Belgium (Blogspot)
MolenGeek started in 2015 in Molenbeek, Belgium, as a coding school for anyone to learn digital skills. But unlike many other schools, MolenGeek is driven by a social mission of fostering inclusion, integration....

Campus London calling: apply for Women Founders residency (Blogspot)
Only nine percent of C-level positions—and six percent of CEOs—at European startups are women. Of all the funds raised by European venture capital-backed companies in 2018, a staggering 93 percent went....

Manage audio and video in Chrome with one click (Blogspot)
We’ve all been there: You have lots of tabs open and one of them starts playing a video, but you can’t figure out which one. Or you’re listening to music in your browser in the background and want to....

A new certificate to help people grow careers in IT (Blogspot)
When Grow with Google launched the IT Support Professional Certificate, we aimed to equip learners around the world with the fundamentals to kickstart careers in information technology. Now, on the program’s....

Android Enterprise security whitepaper details defenses (Blogspot)
Enterprises regularly contend with evolving security threats. Their mobile devices and operating systems must create trust so IT teams, managers, and employees have confidence that their information is....

“Up and to the right” with Data Studio (Blogspot)
Millions of people from global enterprises, small businesses, governments and educational institutions are choosing Data Studio to make data-driven decisions. Over the last year, people used Data Studio....

A new way to find clothes, shoes and more on Search (Blogspot)
When you’re shopping online for something to wear, like a down jacket for winter or dress shoes to match a new outfit, it can be useful to see style options across lots of different stores. But with the....

Enroll in the new Advanced Protection Program in an instant (Blogspot)
We aim to secure all of our users with simple, powerful and personalized protections. The Advanced Protection Program helps high-risk users—like members of political campaign teams, journalists, activists,....

Helping local businesses showcase products online with Pointy (Blogspot)
Google has long been committed to helping small businesses grow and thrive in the online world. One of the challenges small merchants face is getting their in-store inventory information online in a way....

Google’s Hash Code competition is back (Blogspot)
Calling all coders: Hash Code, Google’s annual team programming competition, is back for 2020⁠—and you can register today atg.co/hashcode.Hash Code was created back in 2014 by a few engineers in the Google....

Made by Google's 20 tips for 2020 (Blogspot)
The new year is a time for resolutions and reflection, from getting organized to creating some healthy habits. And there are more than a few ways that the tech in your home and in your pocket can help....

Come celebrate the art of indie games with us (Blogspot)
Today we’re announcing the 2020 edition of the Google Play Indie Games Festival, a celebration of the passion, creativity and innovation that indie game developers bring to the Google Play store. This....

Ask a Techspert: How does motion sensing work? (Blogspot)
Editor’s Note: Do you ever feel like a fish out of water? Try being a tech novice and talking to an engineer at a place like Google. Ask a Techspert is a series on the Keyword asking Googler experts to....

Products that work for you, no matter who you are (Blogspot)
I grew up as a first generation Haitian American woman, and I understand how things like race and gender can affect your experience in the world. When products that you use every day are built for people....

#IMakeApps: One developer’s life on the road (Blogspot)
Sterling Udell and his wife Teresa always loved to travel and the opportunity to hit the road full-time was a dream for them. At some point, they realized that software development was a remote-friendly....

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Software News    last updated 01/20/2020 @ 4:36 PM

Facebook apologizes after translating Chinese president's name as 'Mr S--thole' (Fox News)
Thats certainly a poor choice of words.

Porn site suffers massive data breach, including credit cards, social security numbers (Fox News)
The data of “models” on an adult website has been exposed, says a cybersecurity firm.

Facebook apologizes to China’s Xi Jinping for vulgar mistranslation of his name (Fox News)
Facebook blamed a technical glitch Saturday after the site mistranslated Burmese-to-English posts about Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Myanmar.

CDs and LPs go digital, snooping spouses, social media alerts and more: Tech Q&A (Fox News)
Each week, I receive tons of questions from my listeners about tech concerns, new products, and all things digital.

How hackers, scammers and companies know when you open an email and use it against you (Fox News)
It’s hard to believe that a single pixel could ruin your life. After all, a pixel measures about 0.0104-inches. If you took a mechanical pencil and drew the smallest mark you could, this dot would be....

Navy builds aircraft carrier drone headquarters (Fox News)
The Navy is building a special new command and control mini "drone-headquarters" space on its aircraft carriers to operate deck-launched drones as part of a strategy aimed at massively increasing the....

Navy ramps up radar attack technology across fleet (Fox News)
Descending from high altitudes at lethal speeds and often guided by precision sensors, technically improved enemy ballistic missiles can increasingly close in on surface Navy ships, often holding large....

6 security settings iPhone and iPad users need to change right now (Fox News)
Our devices are packed with account credentials, contacts, emails, photos, videos and more that we definitely don’t want in the wrong hands. The problem is we get our devices and just start using them,....

‘PigeonBot,’ one of the first robots to bend its wings like a real bird, is unveiled (Fox News)
Could pigeons be the model for a new generation of flying robots?

Pelosi slams ‘shameful’ Facebook, accuses tech giant of misleading users (Fox News)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Facebook on Thursday, calling the tech giant "shameful" for misleading its users.

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Latest News & Headlines    last updated 01/20/2020 @ 4:36 PM

Republican senator on Trump soliciting foreign interference: 'Things happen' (Yahoo News)
Republican Senator Richard Shelby defended an argument from President Trump’s legal team that soliciting foreign interference in an election is not an impeachable offense, saying, “things happen.”

Bloomberg pledges $70 billion to bolster black America in new plan (Yahoo News)
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his presidential campaign's plan for bolstering economic opportunity for black Americans.

Discovery of unused disaster supplies angers Puerto Rico (Associated Press)
People in a southern Puerto Rico city discovered a warehouse filled with water, cots and other unused emergency supplies, then set off a social media uproar Saturday when they broke in to retrieve goods....

You Should Get an Electric Fireplace (Architectural Digest)

Prince Harry banned from wearing military uniform after stepping back from armed forces (Yahoo News Video)
Harry Duke of Sussex, will be barred from wearing his military uniform after he agreed to step back from his armed forces appointments.

China moves on takeout containers in bid to reduce plastic waste (AFP)
China will ban plastic bags in major cities and single-use straws from restaurants by the end of this year in a bid to cut down on waste. The country is one of the world's biggest users of plastic, and....

Ex-Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line workers reveal the things they couldn't live without on board (Business Insider)
Workers for cruise lines like Carnival and Norwegian might be away from home for over six months, so they need to be thoughtful about what they pack.

‘Sorry for Lying to You for 13 Years’: Iranian State TV Host Turns on Regime after Ukrainian Jet Downing (National Review)
A number of Iranian TV hosts and other public personalities have denounced the regime in the wake of Iran's missile strike on a Ukrainian passenger jet that killed 176 people after the military mistook....

Two More Bodies Found at Tijuana Property Where Missing California Couple Were Buried Under the Dirt Floor (The Daily Beast)
Two more bodies have been discovered at a Tijuana, Mexico, property where investigators earlier found the remains of a missing California couple buried under the dirt floor of a house on Friday. Jesús....

Graham: Senate GOP doesn’t ‘have the votes’ to dismiss impeachment trial (Politico)
“That’s dead for practical purposes.”

Lebanese security forces, protesters clash for second night (Reuters)
Lebanese security forces fired water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas on Sunday to try to break up stone-throwing protesters in Beirut, which has been rocked by some of the worst violence since unrest....

Illegal crossings plunge as US extends policy across border (Associated Press)
Adolfo Cardenas smiles faintly at the memory of traveling with his 14-year-old son from Honduras to the U.S.-Mexico border in only nine days, riding buses and paying a smuggler $6,000 to ensure passage....

Russia Is Worried About Britain's Astute-Class Submarines (The National Interest)
The class seems to have overcome its technical and financial problems, although the lingering impact of those issues could affect not only future classes of SSNs, but also the UK’s commitment to building....

Buttigieg to Attend Martin Luther King Day Commemoration (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg) -- Pete Buttigieg will attend an important Martin Luther King Day celebration in South Carolina on Monday after Democrats in the state voiced concern that his absence from the event would....

UK puts visas into pitch for post-Brexit trade with Africa (AFP)
Prime Minister Boris Johnson told African leaders Monday that Britain would be more open to migrants from their continent after Brexit as he hosted a summit intended to boost trading ties. Opening the....

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