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Cloud Computing Services

There's a vast array of technologies that are included in "Cloud Computing" and the list is ever growing. We recently attended the Amazon Web Services Conference (AWS) in NYC to further hone in our skill set and service offerings. This was geared to technical managers and developers and gave us inside first knowledge on new product offerings. You may have heard of some of these technologies and weren't sure how or if it applied to your business needs. Whether you want to reduce your technology overhead or are planning for scalable growth AWS might be for you.

We can move your services and/or your entire infrastructure over to AWS to utilize their back bone and not have to worry about maintaining firewalls, switches, licenses, backups and software updates. We support a wide array of their products such as, but not limited to, EC2 instance, NoSQL, RDS and many others. Not sure what you need or even what the product offerings are then call us to discuss your options and how we can utilize these services to support and grow your infrastructure efficiently.

We decided to offer Amazon Web Services in addition to our own offerings since different businesses required different solutions. We don't believe in applying one solution for for every business because that's all we know, every circumstance requires careful consideration and planning, that's what we bring to the table.

We recommend discussing your 5 year plan with you. This is the time frame we feel you should be targeting for technologies requirements. Too short of a time frame and you'll be constantly be catching up and too long and you won't be spending you money efficiently. Over the many years we have been providing solutions we have found this is the target number of years. One of the key benefits to utilizing this technology is the scalability on the infrastructure side which compliments the scalability of our software solutions.

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